What would you do if a social media site you relied on crashed?

Imagine you’ve just launched a major online course. 

You have people signing up for the course which includes links to the tools they’ll need in the course when suddenly, the social media site you’re using stops working!

That very thing just recently happened to a friend and client of mine.

Here is the text I got the night she launched her course.

It can happen.

It did happen.

And it this case, it affected me too because I use that same social media site to showcase my gear on my website.

In this video, you’ll see why you really need a website and the danger of totally relying on social media to build your business or influence.

Consider WordPress for your website.

Plus, I’ll show you the cheat sheet I use that saves me a ton of time and helped me get my website back up and running too.

If you are putting all of your work and business into a social media site and not a website, you are making a huge mistake that could cost you customers and money, not to mention the time to fix it.

This is not a bash on social media, or even in this case, KIT. 

Check out the 9 Benefits of Having a Website

I still have lots of kits on my KIT page and don’t plan on deleting it. But with the recent outage, that apparently went on for over 24 hours, it is a great (bad?) example of why you should not just rely on social media to build your business.

Question: do you have a back-up plan just in case social media sites you rely on go down?

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