Back many, many months ago, we booked our annual family vacation. Even though our oldest is now 19 (gulp!), we still vacation and hang together.

Yes, believe it or not, we really do love being together.

We typically like to vacation around water – beach, lake, river – something we can get in, lay by and fish in.

You get the point.

For the first time ever, we booked a vacation in Myrtle Beach (ugh!). Then something called Hurricane Irma happened.

Would it hit us?

Would it miss?

When it finally looked like most of South Carolina would be spared massive destruction, we decided to go.

That Monday, Hurricane Irma pounded the East Coast. And even though we were over 300 miles away, we could feel the effects.

While we were never in danger, it was nothing short of amazing to watch it and feel the effects from our balcony.

If you want to help consider getting in touch with the American Red Cross.

Thanks for watching.


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