What Can You Do In One Hour?

Here is a question I’d like you to really think about.

What can you do in just one hour?

No this isn’t a trick question. Or a trap. It’s a real question that’s rooted in doing vs overthinking.

Getting unstuck and making something stick.

Girl and clock panic

Let me share about my day, or more specifically, about one hour of my day and what I did. Sharing only to inspire you. Nothing more.

I launched a new live show on Facebook.

I recorded a new podcast episode.

I shot and uploaded a new IGTV story.

ALL of those things were done in exactly one hour.

Child portrait

Trust me. As much as I love Batman, I am not a super-hero, nor do I posses any special powers.

I simply did something that needed to be done instead of what I do too often and that’s overthink and end up not doing.

I started and I did.

Yes, I did prep-work for my show beforehand. Possibly more than I’ll typically do since it was the first show.

I also had some ideas for a podcast episode and just decided to roll with it. I already had a podcast on Anchor, but hadn’t done much with it. Today that changed.

As far as IGTV goes, I actually enjoy the format…wow, never thought I’d say that about vertical video!..but I’ve decided to do shorter, vlog-style videos for IGTV simply to keep a creative conversation going.

Facebook Live show? ✅

Podcast episode? ✅

IGTV video? ✅

How about you?

What can you do in just one hour?

I bet you can do a lot more than you think!

Thanks for stopping by!

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