Testing the Canon M50

Just picked up the new Canon M50 and thought I’d give it a quick test.

But first a disclaimer – I believe that gear doesn’t make you creative.

Gear doesn’t make you better.

Gear is only a tool to help you create.

I’ve never had a client ask me “what kind of camera do you have?”.

Not once.

Not ever.

I love the cameras I have and have produced a lot of great work. So why get a new camera? Honestly, I’ve been intrigued with mirrorless cameras and found myself a few times needing something that could shoot 4K.

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Yes, my iPhone does shoot 4K, and amazingly well I might add, but sometimes I need something more without paying a lot for it.

So I picked up the new Canon M50 and decided to give it a quick test. And when I say quick test, I did just that. Hit record and walked around the house.

Some things I immediately loved:

  • It’s light. I mean like really, really light.
  • It’s small which makes it easy to grip.
  • It’s a Canon. They don’t pay me to say this but I just love their cameras.
  • It’s easy to use.

So far the only things I’m not crazy about is the lack of audio monitoring on the LED screen…REALLY CANON?!?!?…and no built-in stabilization. Not a deal-breaker, but something I need to think about considering how much I love to shoot hand-held.

I did pick up a lens adapter so I can use my old lens. Saves money and works too.

I also picked up the new Rode VideoMic Pro+ for several reasons like better sounds, powered by the camera and will be a great boom mic too.

For now, I like it. More tests to do.

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions too.

Thanks for stopping by.

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