Special Needs Soccer Day

Every year, several local schools come together for a day of World Cup Soccer adapted for kids with special needs.

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Kasey Tyndall Deep South Interview

Kasey Tyndall always dreamed of being a singer, but thinking it was only a dream, decided to study nursing at East Carolina University. Then she won a local radio contest and got to sing “We Were Us” with Keith Urban.

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Best Movies Of All Time!

I love movies! Since I was a kid, I’ve always enjoyed watching movies. I prefer watching movies in a movie theater – the bigger the better.

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Shooting Photos Outside

My daughter is extremely photogenic, which is a good thing considering she’s always down for a photoshoot! 

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Monster Beach Wheelchair

We typically vacation somewhere around water. Most Summer’s find us at the beach at some point. We have done the lake-thing. Even a river once. Just ask the kids about that one, they still give me a lot of grief. But that’s another story for another time.

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