Remember the Social in Media

It hit me last night when I was on the radio, like a DJ-playing-music-on-the-radio, when “Janet” called to say hi.

I’m currently doing part-time on a local radio station in Raleigh so my air-shifts are all over the place. I’ve done over-night, evenings, afternoons and even Thanksgiving night.

With the exception of the over-night gig, Janet has called every time. We’ve chatted about music, family, and even which ACC team I like – if you’re not from North Carolina, you wouldn’t understand. She ends the calls by thanking me for playing the music and telling me to be safe.  Short. Sweet. Hi. Take care. By the way, she apparently calls in and chats with all of our DJs too.

This is something that radio does really well – connects with people. And it’s more than just connecting. It’s about talking to them, then and there, while you’re on, and allowing them to call you and talk to you – an actual live person!

That is powerful!

It is one thing that radio has on TV. A lot more interaction rather than passive information. [Note: I love TV and the power of the medium, so this isn’t about bashing TV. Just pointing out a major difference.]

What does Janet calling the radio station have to do with social media? Just that. It’s about the social part. Social media was created for people to actually be social with each other.

One of the reasons I use Twitter (make sure you say hey on @kevinkolbemedia) is the simple fact you can have a quick conversation with practically anyone. No, not everyone responds, but I’ve been hugely impressed with the quick connections I’ve had without ever once asking for a follow. Just two people chatting. That is social.

If you’re reading this, I’ll assume you’re on some social platform. Other than my website, which really isn’t, by definition, a social platform, the ones I use and love are (in no particular order): Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and YouTube. I do have accounts on lots of other social platforms, but these are the ones I’m most active on. The ones I learn from. The ones I connect with. Basically where I try to be…social.

I think the marketing world – of which I’m a part – has somehow forgotten that on every platform there is a Janet just wanting to connect.

A Janet that doesn’t want to buy anything.

Doesn’t want to be promoted to.

Simply wants to connect with a person and say “hey”.

My challenge is this – let’s step back for just a minute and think of the Janet in our followings, or likes, or subscribers, and rediscover the wonder of the social in media.

Let’s invest the time to make it more about the person than the platform.

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