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One of the most dynamically creative people working in the broadcast marketing industry today. It’s won him a closet full of awards and the admiration of the industry. If you’re looking for a fresh approach that cuts through the clutter, Kevin is the man to do it.

Graeme Newell / President of 602 Communications

A tremendous marketer. He understands his audience and what is important to them. He is a strong leader always elevating his team to be the best they can be. He has the wisdom and experience to know when to react and when to be patient. To this day, I value his insight and counsel.

Lec Coble / Vice President of Marketing, Broadcasting at Raycom Media

Not only is he very creative, but he constantly seeks new and innovative ways to promote his product. The award winning work that Kevin and his team consistently produce is proof of both his talent as a creative leader and his commitment to excellence. A consummate professional and a joy to work with.

Kathy Yokeley / Vice President, Communications with Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

When it comes to creative ideas, marketing and promotion–there is no one comparable. And I mean that on a local level as much as a national level. In one word, Kevin is BRILLIANT! But it goes deeper than that. He’s an exceptionally wonderful man who inspires others to be creative and an awesome leader of his team.

Debbie Reardon / Owner, President of Queen Bee Marketing

Imaginative. Original. Passionate. You can’t call him “outside-the-box” because I’m pretty he’s never owned a box! Kevin regularly brings his creativity any platform, whether it’s broadcasting, the web, social media, and face-to-face communication. He’s not only personally creative, but knows how to build and lead a team of incredibly talented people. Most of all, he’s filled to the brim with integrity.

Jay Jennings / Documentary Photographer at WRAL-TV

Great sense of humor and very adept at all aspects of traditional and new media, including effective and measurable on-air, digital and social media initiatives. Loyal and dependable.

Thomas Schenck / Assistant Director of Development for Corporate Underwriting at UNC-TV

Kevin is super talented and truly cares about the work he does. His creativity and passion are endless…as is his energy.

Danielle Dudek / Creator of

Kevin Kolbe is either passionately creative, or creatively passionate. Either way, he is committed to the mission at hand. Success will be achieved with the highest ethical standards and a most positive attitude.

Bill Jordan / Voice-over talent

Our company has grown to where we have about 2,000 customers now. Of those I remain in touch directly with only a handful and Kevin is on that list due to his constant interest in innovation and unyielding creative spirit. He’s a fun guy to be around. A smart guy to bounce ideas off. And a great manager and purveyor of talent.

Doug Villhard / President and Co-Founder of Second Street Media

Kevin is one of the most creative, inventive, and execution-oriented clients that I’ve had the chance to work with.. Kevin treats the folks he works with as true partners, gives guidance when needed, and listens with respect to what others have to say.

Timur Yarnall / Senior Vice President, Advertising Products at comScore

I’ve seen his commitment to people and attention to detail. He is truly a creative thinker and thinks “outside the box” always creating a strong quality product for his clients (in advertising) and viewers alike. He is loyal, fun-loving and his strongest quality is his uncompromising integrity.

Eddie Field / Systems Engineer at VC3


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