Quitting is Easy

Quitting is easy. Really easy. It’s a lot easier than trying and doing.

Think about it.

When you quit, you quit.

You’re done.

You move on.

But it doesn’t mean you’ve completed anything.

Most cases it means you give up. A lot of times it means you gave up without really trying.

woman sits among lots of paper

Is it hard sometimes? Yep. But most things that are worth it are hard. If everything was easy, everyone would be doing that same thing.

So, push past the quit and live in the world of doing. It may not always be perfect. No one may “like” it or “share” it, but the point is to put it out there so someone has the chance to do something.


Published by Kevin Kolbe

Kevin Kolbe is a video marketing specialist and owner of Kevin Kolbe Media. He helps people make an impact in the world with online video.

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