Project Type: Special Needs

Max & Elias

This is the most personal video I’ve ever produced. This is the story of our little dude Elias and his buddy Max. May it inspire you to “be like Max!” Thanks for stopping by! |kevin

One Exceptional Teacher

Kelly Denny loves kids. That’s why she teaches. But not just any kids, Kelly has dedicated her life to teaching exceptional children of all backgrounds, all cultures, all ages, and all abilities. And how do her students feel? As one said, “she makes me feel normal.” Kelly was recently named Teach of the Year at Lead Mine Elementary and is…

A Special Kind of Book Club

Every week at an elementary school in North Carolina, something special happens. Two groups of kids that might not normally hang together, come together to read books and be with each other. It’s a book club that’s building bonds between kids with special needs and other kids who are equally special in their own way. Thanks for stopping by. |kevin

a child with Apraxia

Apraxia: A Different Kind of Voice

Heather’s daughter, Rebecca Lynn, was diagnosed with Apraxia when she was two. Heather felt alone, not knowing how to help her daughter until she took part in her first Apraxia for Kids charity walk. Now Heather coordinates a successful walk in Raleigh, NC to celebrate kids struggling with Apraxia and help other parents know there is hope. Produced for 2018…

Teacher with special kids

Lead Mine Elementary: PossAbilities

The email I got from our youngest son’s teacher started like this: “Did you know that October is Disability Awareness Month?  Our Exceptional Children team here at Lead Mine wants to make a video in support of this theme, and we were wondering if you would be willing to help us out in this endeavor?” Ms Brown, Special Needs Teacher…