Productivity Apps

I use a lot of different tools and apps for my business and content creation.

Each one has a different use and purpose. And a lot of them are free too!


An iOS app for writing and creating notes. It even includes a drawing option and voice-to-text. Free.


An app and website that makes it easy to save articles on the web. You can sort, tag, and read offline too. Free and paid plans.


An app that helps you keep track of projects. Available for browser and mobile. Free and paid plans.


A simple scheduling tool that connects to your calendar and makes it easy to book appointments. Free and paid plans.

Google Calendar

How I keep track of my professional and personal time.

Google Docs

Notes is my go to for quick note taking. Google Docs is my tool for more robust writing and scripting. Plus I use it for invoices and proposal templates too.

Google Drive

My cloud storage for almost everything I do. I even prefer this over DropBox as a much easier way to share files.

Voice Memo

I tend to do a lot of audio journaling and quick voice notes. Built-in to my iPhone and so simple to use.


Simple and easy way to shorten long URLs. You can even do some customizing too. Free and paid.

Let me know if you have any questions about any of the apps and tools I use.

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