This is part of a campaign I produced for Sony Pictures Television to promote the TV show The King of Queens in syndication.

When TV stations buy “off-net” shows (“off-net” refers to any TV show that originally aired on a network), the stations get a series of promos they can add their branding and tune-in info too.

What a blast to “have to” watch clips of The King of Queens in order to create the promos. Tough job, but hey, happy to do it.

Kevin is a dynamic and creative leader, who understands the television business and what our jobs are as marketers. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kevin on two different sides of the business. Originally, he was my client. Most recently however, I hired him to do creative for us because I knew he could do a good job. Kevin does excellent work and does it with such an enthusiastic, positive attitude; he pours his heart into his work and it shows. I highly recommend working with Kevin on your creative projects.

Rachel Mizuno | Sony Pictures Television

Shout-out to Marc Derro for his amazing work on the animation and Sean Varicalli for his amazing voice work!

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