North Raleigh Church of Christ

When FOX decided to air a live version of The Passion by Tyler Perry, North Raleigh Church of Christ saw this as an amazing opportunity to talk to viewers about faith.

This commercial launched North Raleigh’s “What’s Your Jesus Story?” campaign.

Not only did this commercial air in the FOX special, but it was followed by other videos with people sharing their Jesus stories.

Produced for North Raleigh Church of Christ

“Kevin is a blessing to work with. His easy-going nature, coupled with humor and creativity makes working with him fun and energizing. Our church used Kevin to create video testimonies of how lives were changed by Jesus. He has a unique talent to bring all the pieces together that evoke deep emotions and memories. You will be fortunate to partner with Kevin!”

Kent Massey – Lead Minister at North Raleigh Church of Christ

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Kevin | Kevin Kolbe Media

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