Freedom Balloon Fest

This video was produced for Freedom Balloon Fest and Project Uplift USA.

Freedom Balloon Fest is a community service project of Project Uplift USA, Inc. a North Carolina 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. It is an all-volunteer event built on a mission of service.

The video was a collaboration with Matt Merry from Dogwood Media.

Find out more about the Freedom Balloon Fest at

From Brian Hoyle, Freedom Balloon Festival Organizer:
“I’ve known Kevin for a number of years and have worked with him off and on in prior roles on various projects. We recently had the opportunity to collaborate on a project for a non-profit I helped to found. I asked him to co-collaborate with another amazing video producer to help us take complex stories and make them simple. Not every creative is willing to step outside their comfort zone, release “control” and work with another talent. Kevin did just for the asking. Kevin gets it and the project he and Matt worked on together has driven results; it’s helped to generate new awareness of our all-volunteer mission, vision, and values. We have a new awareness of the need for broad corporate support as well as, grassroots donations. We’ve exceeded volunteer recruiting deadlines too. Kevin differentiated himself from so many others I’ve worked within the industry over the last 30 years – he put the mission first knowing that the rest would take care of itself. The outcomes are proving him to be an exceptional, passionate storyteller who will work to do what is required to get the job done.”

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