Crazy Love: A Foster Care Story

David and Cheryl Bice will tell you the one reason why they became foster parents.

They got tired of crying every time they sat through an Agape of N.C. presentation.

That’s when they decided to open their home and their hearts to kids in need.

Kids they didn’t even know.

You could call it crazy.

Crazy to love kids you’ve never met.

They might even agree.

But David will tell you these aren’t just any kids. They’re God’s kids. And they would be crazy not to love them.

This is David and Cheryl Bice and this is their foster care story.

Produced for Agape of North Carolina

“For a few years now, Kevin has shot & edited videos for AGAPE of NC. He uses his professional talents to expertly produce & deliver creative videos that help us with fundraising (we’re a non-profit org) & raising awareness about the needs of the communities we serve via foster care, adoption & counseling services. Kevin rocks at helping our families share their stories! So, we look forward to continuing that beautiful relationship!”

Mona Peterman, Agape of North Carolina

For more information about foster parenting and adoption, talk with Agape of NC

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Kevin | Kevin Kolbe Media

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