The Woman Behind Rosy Revolver

Jessica Cote’ is a lot of things.

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Why We Do Respite Care

Being foster parents wasn’t something Kenitra and Kendrick wanted to do. Then they heard about respite care, which provides rest and support for foster families, and that’s when they decided “hey, that’s something we can do!” This video was produced for AGAPE of N.C. He uses his professional talents to expertly produce & deliver creative […]

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Paying the Kingdom Forward

In September 2018, a group of us from Lifepointe Church in Raleigh spent a week in Ecuador on a mission trip.

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Rebuilding Burgaw

men praying

In September 2018, Hurricane Florence slammed North Carolina leaving thousands homeless and millions of dollars in damage.

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Apraxia: A Different Kind of Voice

a child with Apraxia

Heather’s daughter, Rebecca Lynn, was diagnosed with Apraxia when she was two.

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