Podcasting is a great way to reach an audience, grow your business, and share your story too.

For me, podcasting is a lot like radio, maybe more like (good) talk radio, which for me is really cool since I started my career in radio before getting into TV.

There’s just something about sitting down with a mic and talking, whether you’re going solo or interview-style.

Add video, also called a video podcast, and it’s even more exciting!

Getting started is not that hard. Here’s a look at my simple but effective podcast set-up.

Hosted by Kevin Kolbe

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I use Anchor as my podcasting host.

Anchor is simple to set-up and use, comes with unlimited storage, and can be used on a desktop, tablet or phone.

And if that’s not cool enough, it’s totally free!


Anchor also allows listeners to call-in and leave a message that you can play back in your podcast if you want.

Anchor distributes your podcast to several platforms include the big ones like Apple, Google, and Spotify.

You’ll also get the RSS feed if you need it too.

And if that’s not enough for free, you can even have sponsors and ask listeners and fans to support your podcast too, all right there within your Anchor dashboard.

In 2019, Anchor was bought by Spotify which is a good thing considering Spotify is really taking it to Apple when it comes to music and podcasts.

And here’s a bonus promotion tip! If you have a podcast on Spotify, you can easily share it to Instagram stories. A cool perk to promote your show!

And that’s it!

At least for the recording part.

If you haven’t started a podcast, now is the time to really think about it and do it.

If you have any questions about starting your podcast or promoting your podcast or anything else about digital media, let me know.

Thanks for stopping by.


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