Recently I had the chance to hear and meet The VLOG BossAmy Landino, or as you may know her, Amy Schmittauer.

Amy of AmyTV was in Raleigh speaking at the Triangle Marketing Club Meet-Up.

I’ve followed and learned a lot from Amy for years, back to when her channel, and brand, was all about Sexy, Savvy, Social (okay, I got 2 of those going for me!).

In this video, I share some of the highlights from Amy’s TMC talk and share about the impact she’s had on my video career.

If you’re not familiar with Amy, you should be! I cannot recommend her book “Vlog Like A Boss” enough. Even if you don’t want to “do videos”, you should give the book a read (bet you think me later!)

Check out Amy on YouTube.

Get Amy’s book “Vlog Like A Boss” here.

Check out the Gary V book “Crush It!” here.

If you live in or around Raleigh, here’s more info on Triangle Marketing Club.

Thanks for watching!


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