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Ross Brand
I jokingly call him “the Godfather of Live Streaming” but the truth is, he is. I’ve known Ross for years and have a ton of respect for him.

Streaming Services
My two absolute favorites are Ecamm Live and StreamYard. I have the honor of working with both so I can 100% vouch for the platforms and the people too. Honorable mentions go to Riverside.fm and Be.Live as well.

These are my go-to tools and resources for creating content. They all have free options and very affordable paid plans too.

• Uppbeat Music
• Track Club

Stock Footage, images, graphics
• Envato Elements
• Canva

• Descript
• ReCut
• OpusClips

Back-up and Cloud Storage
I’ve used BackBlaze for years simply because it gives me a piece of mind that if my computer dies, I’ll never lose any media because it’s backed up to their cloud. If you create any type of media, you really need a backup safety net like Backblaze.

I’m a huge believer that every business, every non-profit, every church, every content creator needs a website. Doesn’t have to be fancy, but a website that’s easy to find and includes a way for someone to get in touch with you. I’ve used a lot of different services and most have pros and cons. Currently I use PayHip as my digital media store and Hostinger for my website and domains.

If at all possible consider having your internet modem going directly into your computer. Being hard wired is always better than using wireless, if you can swing it. We use the Google Nest Router and Wi-Fi Extender to blanket our house. They’re easy to set-up and can work with an app on your phone.

Video Ranking Academy
During my YouTube career, I’ve been blessed to connect with a few really great mentors who have also become friends. One of the best is Sean Cannell. His Video Ranking Academy course was the first online I ever bought and it’s been worth every penny. If you want to go a little more deeper on YouTube, check it out.

AI Tools
Not sure where you stand on AI but there are a lot of great AI tools that can help you create and save a ton of time too. I don’t believe you’ll ever be replaced by AI but you could be replaced by someone who knows how to use AI. Stop wasting time searching for a tool and grab a copy of my guide with over 100 AI tools.

If you want to dig a little deeper into recommended set-ups, check out my site for a lot of different options.

Live Streaming Resources and Recommendations

Here are a lot of resources and tools you may find helpful in your live streaming, content creating journey. Unless otherwise noted, I use or have used every resource listed here. You may want to keep this page handy too in the event I add to it over time.

Some of the links are affiliate links which means I may make a small commission if you buy something through that link but never at any extra expense to you.

Hope this helps you do more with live streaming. Enjoy.

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