Live Streaming Gear

Video and especially live streaming is a great way to share your story and engage with an audience.

You can start live streaming with just a smartphone or a simple webcam. Either way, make sure you have a really good internet connection.

Here’s a look at my live streaming gear.

My two favorite livestreaming programs are Ecamm and StreamYard.

Both have their own advantages and both are liking having a mini-production studio right on your computer. You can add graphics, animations, videos, have guests join your show and even highlight viewer comments on screen too!

Ecamm is available for macs. StreamYard is available for mac and PC.

StreamYard offers a free and paid plan too.



If you interested in multicasting – meaning streaming to more than one platform at the same time – then I try Restream. They have a free version that is limited but may be all you need.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions about anything I listed or if I can help you get started with live streaming too!

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