I have a lot of lights for different situations. Some I leave set-up in my home studio/office and others I leave packed up for shoots.

If you can shoot with natural light, always try that first. It’s free and sometimes gives you a look that production lights just can’t give you.

But for those times you don’t have access to natural light, here are some production lights to consider.

Fovitec Studio Lights. Comes as a pair and includes the barn doors, power cords, carrying case and light stands. Good solid production lights.

Fovitec StudioPRO – 2x Daylight 600 LED 

Falcon Eyes flexible LED light. It’s hard to believe how cool this light is. It actually rolls up like a mat and is waterproof too. It’s bright and has color temp balance too. The power pack is bigger than I’d like, but overall, a really great light!

Falcon Eyes RX-12T

Falcon Eyes LED light. Another good light from Falcon Eyes. Has brightness and color temp controls. Can run off battery or AC power. Comes with a carrying case too. Good, solid light that doesn’t take up a lot of space either.

Falcon Eyes SO-28TD Kit 28W LED 

Viltrox LED light. This light is small, super-slim and very powerful. I have one as my main light source for my livestreams.

Like other bigger lights, it has brightness and color temp controls. It can run off batteries or AC power. You can even mount on your camera too!


Godox LED studio light. Looks and works a lot like that way more expensive Aperture light. Solid build. Comes with a remote too. Brightness and color temp settings. There are different versions, but I have the 60W and it is all I need.

Godox SL-60W 60W LED Studio Light

Neewer octagon softbox. If you get the Godox, you’ll need a softbox to help defuse the light. Neewer makes this one specifically for that light.

Neewer 32″ x 32″ Grid Octagon Umbrella

If you have any questions about any of the tools and resources I use, please let me know.

Keep creating!


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