How to Write for Social Media

Chances are you have, or will, write something at some point for Facebook or some other social media platform.

Could be you get paid to or simply just want to. Either way, there are several things to consider when writing for Facebook or other social media platforms.

  • Write the way you talk. If you wouldn’t use a particular phrase or word when talking, then don’t use it when writing.
  • Read your post out loud before you click the submit button. If it sounds odd or doesn’t flow to your ear, then change it. Once you change it, read it out loud again.
  • Write conversationally. In other words, write the way you talk. We are more apt to listen to words that sound like a real conversation.
  • Don’t write promo copy, even if you’re writing a promo. No one talks like a promo. People know you’re selling to them. Share don’t sell.
  • Don’t write click-bait copy. Make the graphic, photo, video, whatever, compelling enough to make me want to read it and watch it. It’s okay to let me know how I may feel but use that sparingly.
  • DON’T WRITE IN ALL CAPS. If you need to EMPHASIZE something, that’s fine, but writing ALL IN CAPS is hard to read and looks like you’re shouting.
  • If you find or create a post that just doesn’t feel that special. Trust your gut, it’s probably not. Don’t waste time trying to fix it either. Just move on.
  • Consider using emojis or “I’m feeling” especially if posting to mobile. Use sparingly and make them feel organic to your post.
  • Choose pronouns carefully. Use “us” and “we” instead of “I” and “me”. We’re a thing, a group not an individual. We represent us.
  • Consider creating quotes using graphics and photos. Quotes can be funny or inspirational. Quotes can come from any source, just make sure you credit the source when using.
  • Write a headline that is easy to understand. Context and about the content should be very clear.

Those are my tips. What are yours?


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