Going On A Mission Trip

It’s hard to describe the emotions of going on a mission trip.

My first mission trip was several years ago to Honduras.

We spent a week in and around Honduras handing out food, toys and even building houses on a hillside someone described as a “million dollar view.” Despite the description, it was obvious no one living on that hillside had any money, let alone, a million bucks.

Even though Honduras was many years ago, the memories and emotions feel as fresh as yesterday. Honduras made such an impact on me, I decided that one day I would go on another mission trip and, this time, take my kids.

Well, the opportunity finally came again. This time it was a week in Ecuador with a mission team from our church, Lifepointe, working in partnership with Compassion International.

And yes, I took my two oldest kids, plus my son’s girlfriend too.

My core role was to document the sights and sounds and emotions of our Ecuador Mission Trip 2018. This is the first video I produced after getting back. Think of it as a highlight reel of the amazing week that was.

During the week, we visited the churches Lifepointe has planted in Portoviejo, Junin, and Posorja.

We served with the local pastors, teachers, and volunteers in each of the cities. Amazing people who give their all every day to serve their communities who have so very little.

One of the biggest highlights of the week was meeting Anahy, the little girl we sponsor through Compassion International. She is simply a beautiful young soul with a smile and giggle that will melt your heart into pieces.

Anahy and her mom

It was an amazing week that didn’t just “happen” by coincidence or chance. I truly believe God put this specific mission team together for this trip to Ecuador.

We started out as mostly strangers.

We left as brothers and sisters and friends.

Praying with the family

Before we left Anahy’s home, we asked her mom what we could pray for. She asked us to pray for protection, safety and that “we would come back to see them again”.

That was the easiest prayer we prayed all week.

If you have any questions about the trip, my gear, or how I produced the video, just connect with me and I’ll be in touch.

Thanks for stopping by.


Find out more about Compassion: https://www.compassion.com/

Find out more about Lifepointe: http://www.lifepointechurch.com/

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