External Hard Drives

If you have a laptop or desktop or both like me, you really need to invest in an external drive.


Keeping your computer as lean and clean makes it run faster.

Plus, if your computer crashes, or worse, dies, and everything you have was stored on your computers hard drive, then you’re screwed.

I have two external hard drives. One stays connected to my iMac which I do the majority of my work on. The other is a smaller, portable one I carry with me and use more on my laptop.

WD MyBook 4TB external drive. This is my bigger one that I keep connected to my iMac.

It’s 4TB and connects via a 3.0USB cord. This is also the one I back up every week to BackBlaze.

WD 4TB My Book Desktop External Hard Drive

Transcend 2TB external drive. A beast of a small, portable, external hard drive. Whenever I travel, if I’m going to be creating content, I carry this little hard drive.

It’s about the size of my iPhone 8+, covered in rubber and supposedly can withstand a fairly substantial drop…even though I haven’t tested that yet!

Transcend 2 TB External Hard Drive

I also use BackBlaze – a cloud based service – to back-up my bigger external hard drive once a week. It gives me redundancy and peace of mind too just incase my external hard drive fails.

Try BackBlaze for free!

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