I am a Mac guy.

For me Mac’s are just simple to use right out of the box.

I have two main Mac’s I use for almost everything I do – an iMac desktop and a MacBook Pro.

I basically have the same set-up on both so I can go from one to the other without losing time or any work.

I can livestream, edit or even create my podcast on both computers which allows me the flexibility to create anything, anywhere I am.

iMac. It’s a 27″ with Retina and 5k display. I bought it with the minimum RAM then ordered more for a fraction of what Apple wanted and installed it myself.

MacBook Pro. It’s a 13″ laptop. Currently running 16GB of RAM. Light and easy to throw in a backpack too.

I also have an iPad Mini too that I use for various things like reading, note taking and doing some simple graphics and animations with the app Procreate.

I also use it as a monitor for my Canon M50. Something to consider if you use a Canon and have an IOS device.

If you have any questions about any of the tools and resources I use, please let me know.

Thanks for stopping by.


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