Camera Accessories

You will probably need lots of different things for your camera.

Trust me, it can be maddening because the list of “hey I need that!” never seems to stop.

Having said that, here’s a list of some of my accessories I use.

ND Filters

Think of these filters as sunglasses for your lens. All of mine are adjustable so I can control the amount of light coming into the lens. NOTE: the size is not your lens size! You should be able to find the filter size printed on your lens rim.


You can never have enough camera batteries. Unfortunately most name brand camera batteries are expensive. But the good news is a lot of off-brands work great and are cheaper too. You might take a small risk that they don’t last as long, but it will save you a ton of money to pick up several off-brand batteries AND chargers too!

Canon M50 batteries
DJI Spark drone batteries

Power Bank

I keep a portable power bank with me whenever I’m on a shoot. It’s about the size of an iPhone and can charge up almost anything I can plug into it via a 3.0 USB cord.

It even has a flashlight built into it, as well as, a readout to let you know how much power the charger has left.

Camera bag

If you do any video or photography, consider investing in a good camera bag.

I’ve tried several, including the “free” bags you get in some bundles, but the best I’ve had is the Evecase Camera Backpack.

It’s a tad bulky, but carries a ton of my gear, has a place for my MacBook and even comes with a rain cover. It also has a bunch of pockets and pouches and straps on the side for things like a tripod.

Camera brackets

Occasionally you may want to attach more than one thing to your cameras hotshoe mount. I have a V mount bracket from Neewer. Simple to pop-on and attach up to two more things like a light and mic.

I also have something called an adjustable friction arm that I can clamp onto my tripod and mount anything from a monitor to even another camera too.

SD Cards

Like batteries, you can’t have too many SD cards. I use mostly 32GB cards but you can get bigger ones and smaller ones too. I also have a few mini-SD cards and adapters too. I don’t have any one brand I recommend but do recommend having several on hand.

SD Card Case

And if you have a bunch of SD cards, you should get a good case to keep them in. I use a Beeway Memory Card case. It’s made of hard plastic and has enough space to hold up to 12 flash cards AND 12 mini-SD cards too!

Cables and Cords

Over time, you’ll need cables and cords for various reasons. Avoid the cheaper cords and make sure they work and fit your gear before going on a shoot. Speaking from experience here!

If you have any questions about anything I use, please use the contact form and let me know how I can help.

Thanks for stopping by.


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