Best Sunglasses Ever?

I kept seeing ads pop-up for Shady Rays sunglasses. Since I’m a huge sunglass wearer, I wanted to reach out and see if they were interested in a partnership.

Then I thought, “wait, what if?…” rather than just send an email and hope they read it and are interested, what if I produce a short video, since that’s what I do, and show them how much I love sunglasses!

And that’s what I did! In this video, I talk about what I did, show you the video I produced for them and I share my first impressions of my new Shady Rays.

By the way, even though I did end up joining their affiliate program, they didn’t sponsor this video.

Here are the sunglasses I bought if you want to check them out. 

Glacier Ice Polarized

Ocean Timber Polarized

Thanks for watching!

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