Hey there I’m Kevin Kolbe

I’m a video coach, marketing specialist, and content creator. My passion is helping people use video to share their gifts and make an impact in the world.

My “media life” started years ago as a radio DJ, including working for the station I grew up listening too! A few years later, I got into TV working for FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, and The CW TV stations in Nashville, Charlotte, and Raleigh.

Over the years, the TV business changed and eventually my Creative Director position was cut. So I decided to use my experience and passion for creating content and start my own video marketing business so I could help others with video too!

I’ve been honored to work with national companies. entrepreneurs, small business owners, non-profits, and other content creators too. 

As far as my own video content, I produce a mix of tips, tutorials, live streams, vlogs, and the occasional story video too.

I’m also a husband, a dad of three kids, including one with special needs, coffee drinker, Batman fan, music lover, TV watcher, and Jesus freak. 

I’d love to help you get into and grow with video. When you’re ready, let’s talk!