My creative Journey so far

All my life, I’ve loved creating and being creative.

Growing up, I wanted to be Batman, a policeman, social worker, stuntman, youth pastor and a DJ.

Right around college, I got into radio and thought…”DANG, I’m on the radio!!”

But as cool as that was, something else came knocking that would change my life. VIDEO in the form of TV. So after working in radio, I jumped into the world of TV and I was hooked!

Over the years, I worked for TV stations affiliated with FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC and even The CW. My last job in TV was leading an amazing creative team at one of the most respected and forward-thinking FOX affiliates in the country. We created amazing campaigns, won awards, made a lot of money and had a ton of fun too.

But like a lot of media companies, down-sizing hit and my position was eliminated but not my passion for creating video content and helping people grow and learn.

Rather than sit around, I started my own business - Kevin Kolbe Media - and decided to use my gifts to help others use their gifts to make an impact in the world with online video.

At that same time I also focused on creating content on YouTube. I did dabble with other platforms but kept coming back to YouTube.

For me there, YouTube has been and continues to be the best platform to teach, earn, and connect with others around the world wide web.

That’s the business part of me. On the personal side, I'm a husband, dad of three, including one with special needs, and a Jesus freak.

If you're interested in working together, let's connect and create something together.

Until then, keep creating because the world needs you.