3 Videos You Should Make For Your Business

It’s safe to say video is the current king of all digital media.

Video is the best way to get attention, share your story and make an impact.

Check this out – 84% of consumers have bought something after watching a video!

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Now that you know just how important video is, what kind of videos should you make?

In this video, I’ll share 3 types of videos I use and you should be doing too.

These are the 3 videos I talk about in the video with examples! That makes it worth watching!


What better way to explain what you can do than have someone else do it for you!

Most people you’ve worked with would probably love to tell the world about you if only you’d ask. Yes, ask them.


You can have the best product or business in the world, but if you don’t tell anyone, who’s gonna know?

That’s the beauty of doing a promotional video. Now, I do believe it should be more than just a sales pitch and still promote something.


Sharing what you do or how you did it, is another great and simple way of using video.

It doesn’t have to be fancy either. In fact, simple may be better for behind-the-scenes. 

Think of at as a in the moment, sneak peek type of video.

All of these examples can be used on your website and social media.

You can use them as free posts or even paid ads too.

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Published by Kevin Kolbe

Kevin Kolbe is a video marketing specialist and owner of Kevin Kolbe Media. He helps people make an impact in the world with online video.