Do you “do” video?

How about do video at home?

For those of you wondering what kind of gear you might need, here’s a behind-the-scenes look at my simple home video set-up.

Personally, I love seeing what other creators us so I thought I’d share mine with you.

Is this the only setup I use?

Not really.

But it is the latest video setup I’ve come up with that gives me the look I need in a more compact form. Easy to move around, setup and teardown.

As you see in the video, I do have other gear I use and use for different reasons. Here is the rundown of the gear I mentioned including links to check it out too.


The Canon EOS Rebel SL2 is a really good camera that won’t bust your budget. It’s also a vlogger-friendly camera too. Lightweight and a tad smaller than some other DSLRs. It does have a few things I don’t like, like no on-screen audio level monitor, the ISO only goes in increments of 200 and it takes different batteries than my other cameras. But, all of those are minor complaints.

On Amazon:



For this setup, I use my 10-18mm lens. I make sure stabilization and auto-focus (“AF”) is always turned on. You don’t have to use Canon lenses with Canon cameras, but they are good lenses and that also eliminates the need for an adaptor.

On Amazon:



When I bought the ZOMEI 55” Tripod, I was looking for something sturdy but lightweight, could easily fold up and be reasonably priced. Too much to ask? Nope. This is that tripod. It’s crazy how small it collapses to and how light it is, and yet is sturdy enough to hold my camera. Even comes with a small carry bag too.

On Amazon:


External Monitor

Is an external monitor a must have? Absolutely not but this ANDYCINE 5.7″ external monitor is a huge asset that you will come to love! I typically keep my mounted on top of the camera, but you can mount it anywhere, just as long as the cord is long enough to plug into your camera. This monitor does everything I need it to and for half the price of many other monitors too.

On Amazon:



This is the second Falcon Eyes light I have and I love it. It’s a really amazing, affordable LED light. If you don’t use LED lights, I strongly recommend considering switching to them. A lot less power is needed, little to no heat and they last longer too. This light has brightness and temperature controls and can be powered with a battery or power cord (included). It also comes in a nice carrying case too. Note, it doesn’t come with “legs”, so you’ll need to pick up some inexpensive ones.

On Amazon:



I love Rode mics! With the exception of one small smartphone mic, every mic I have is a Rode mic. They are typically affordable and just plain work. This mic is the older version of the Rode VideoMic Pro. The main difference is this mic runs off a 9-volt battery while the newer version is powered by the camera. Why is that a big deal? If the battery dies and you don’t know it, your screwed on audio. Other than that, it’s a great mic to have.

On Amazon:

So that’s a look at my newest, easy to use, home video setup. Please drop a comment or connect with me if you have any questions about what I use. And, let me know what you’re go-to gear is too.

If you want to see my other gear, check out my KIT page.

Don’t hesitate to say hey and let me know how I can help you explore your wonder!


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