I love movies!

Since I was a kid, I’ve always enjoyed watching movies. I prefer watching movies in a movie theater – the bigger the better. I get there early, watch the trailers, and stay until all the credits have rolled and the lights come up. That’s my preference, but the reality is, I tend to probably watch more movies at home since it’s easier, especially with a family and lots of other responsibilities. And, with a family of five, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper too!

Recently I ran across a list of the “200 Most Essential Movies” on Fandango. Made me think. What would be on my list? And that was the genesis of this video I call “The Best Movies of all Time”. And since my daughter Ashland loves movies too, I asked her to join me.

I do realize we may not be in total agreement, but that’s okay, these are the best movies you need to watch according to what I love.


Now the question remains, what do you think of our list? What would you add? Love to hear your comments below.

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