Elias Goes To Special Olympics

My first experience with Special Olympics was many years ago when the Special Olympics World Games came to Raleigh. The company I worked for at the time, not only encouraged the employees to volunteer but gave everyone a day off with pay to support the games!

That’s when my love for Special Olympics started. I mean how many other sports have such as amazing, heartfelt motto like this:

“Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.”

Flash-forward to now. Our youngest son, Elias, has special needs and has participated in Special Olympics for as long as he’s been eligible. This year, I decided to video his day at the Spring Games by attaching a GoPro to his wheelchair allowing us to see what he would see during the games. I then edited his video with what I shot on my other camera to produce the video vlog Special Olympics 2017 – Spring Games NC.  (Read more about my set-up below.)

I hope seeing the games through his eyes inspires you to find out more about Special Olympics in your community. For more, follow this link.

Thanks for watching.

Here’s the set-up I used for the video. 

On Elias’ wheelchair, I mounted a GoPro attached to a small flexible tripod. I attached a microphone to the GoPro for better audio.

The other video was shot with my Canon DSLR 70D using an 18-55mm lens. I attached a small shotgun microphone to the camera. Rather than use a traditional tripod, I opted for a monopod to steady my shots and serve as a “stick” to carry the camera.

You should be able to see both camera set-ups during the video. I edited the video on Premiere Pro. The music track came from AudioBlocks.

Here’s the detailed list of the gear I used.
Canon 70D

Canon EF-S Lens 18-55mm

Rode VideoMic GO Mic


GoPro Hero 4 Silver

Rode Mic

Tripod (for the GoPro)

Metal case (for the GoPro)

Camera Bag

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