6 Ways To Be A Bad Boss

I think I’ve read every possible article on “How to be a Good Boss/Leader.” No scratch that. “How to be a GREAT Boss/Leader!”. Most of the authors have good intentions and I believe actually want to help. Some are so confident, they offer to sell you their advice because they believe for the right amount of money, anyone can be a great boss or leader.

I will say in my life, most of my bosses, aka, “leaders”, have been really good ones. Not perfect, but almost every one of them has tried to mentor and coach me and show me how to take chances and grow.

Unfortunately, not every boss/leader is great, or even good. Thankfully, even in the rare cases, those…okay let’s just say it, BAD bosses…have always taught me something.

So, rather than give you another “great” list, I want to share my “6 Ways to Be a Bad Boss/Leader”

Don’t listen.

Simply don’t listen to what your team or anyone that reports to you has to say. Talk over them. Pretend to listen, but don’t really.

Assume you know more.

Despite hiring someone talented, eager and bright, take advantage of every opportunity to let them know that you know more than they do…about everything…even if you don’t. It’s the impression you’re after.

Don’t enroll others.

This is a good one. Keep them in the dark. On edge. Always guessing. Never feeling vested but simply just a hireling. And never, ever ask their opinion.

Demand because you can.

Another good one. There is nothing more exhilarating than uttering the phrase “because I said so” especially if you can say it without listening (see rule #1).

Always be right.

Always. Even if you’re not. If you’re wrong about something, divert the attention off of you by blaming others, even if they didn’t have anything to do with what you’re not taking the blame for.

Manage rather than mentor.

Rather than taking the time to be vested in someone (boring!), simply manage them. Tell them what to do, heck, even tell them how to do it. Treat them like mindless cogs that couldn’t possibly function without you telling them everything they need to do. By the way, forget the fact they can actually function in the real world without your “help”. That’s caring about them as a person. Don’t ever confuse the two.

I hope this helped. If you’ve worked very long anywhere, you’ve probably encountered one of these. Hopefully no more than one. Really hopefully none.

But if you do, remember this – it’s not really about you. I mean it could be. You could really be a bad employee or person. But usually, more likely, it’s about them and never really about you.

Hope this helps! Now get out there and be bad!


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