You Have An iPhone

I had the honor of speaking on a panel to High Schoolers interested in Digital Media.

Gotta say, was impressed by my fellow panel-ers especially the range of experience. Also impressed with a lot of the questions we were asked. Some feedback I got was “you all were really open and transparent to the students…” which for me is the only way to be.

Of all the questions we got, my favorite question from a student was this:

“I see all of you have iPhones and you all are old. How do you adapt to technology?”

Well…hmmm. I found it both amusing and enlightening the perception of someone so young on the technology she evidently feels was created for her generation.

I don’t say this judgmental but it did give me pause. Do we associate certain types of technology with age groups? I know the research about “X-age group” and what they like don’t like, etc. But I also know you have to be careful about grouping and assuming within age groups.

My mother-in-law is a gamer. And really only got into it as she was getting older. Wrap your head around this – an older granny on her Wii racking up points. Old. Gamer.

My takeaway is this. Technology is what it is. It doesn’t care how old you are or even who you are. It’s a thing. You are a you and regardless of age, not defined by the piece of tech in your hands.


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