2 Guys Talking About

2 Guys Talking About is a video podcast show hosted by media guys and friends Kevin Kolbe and Bill Jordan.

The show is a mix of entertainment, news, and other trendy stuff. It’s a lot like talk radio just with video.

These are the hosts of 2 Guys Talking About
Kevin Kolbe and Bill Jordan

Watch the show on YouTube or Facebook.

The 2 Guys are Kevin Kolbe and Bill Jordan

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Kevin Kolbe is a video marketing specialist, content creator, and coach. He heads-up Kevin Kolbe Media and helps people use their gifts to make an impact in the world.

Kevin is also a husband, dad, coffee drinker, Batman fan, TV watcher, music lover, and Jesus freak.


Bill Jordan is a voice-over artist and veteran radio announcer which included hosting mornings at Mix 101.5 (WRAL-FM) in Raleigh for over 23 year!

Bill has been married 37+ years to Marianne with a daughter and her family in the Triangle.He enjoys reading, good conversations and quitting golf.